Installing Getting Things GNOME


GTG requires the following python modules. Be sure to install them if you're not using your distribution packaging system:

For everyone under Linux

Tarballs with source code of GTG are available here:

In order to start GTG, uncompress the archive in a folder and type:

$ ./gtg

You must have Python 2.6 and pygtk 2.14 installed.

If you want to install GTG on your system, it is highly advised to not use the traditional Instead, use the package built for your distribution.

For Ubuntu & Debian

You can choose from 3 sources of GTG:

Afetwards install GTG:

apt-get install gtg

For Fedora

yum install gtg

For OpenSuse

Just click here. Package done by Andrew Wafaa.

For ArchLinux

There is a gtg package in the Arch User Repository

See the ArchWiki AUR entry for more information on using this unsupported repository.

For OpenBSD

There's a port available done by Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse.

For FreeBSD

It looks like there's a port

For Gentoo

It looks like there's a portage

For other distributions

If you did a package for your distribution, just tell us so we can put it on this page.

For Microsoft Windows

There's currently no installer for the windows port. See Gettings Things Gnome! Windows on Launchpad.

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