Existing feature requests for GTG

This list was compiled by Izidor on August 16, 2011 by bugs for GTG. The list was updated on February 12, 2012. Feature requests and bugs are in no particular order.

Rewrite GTG into PyGI (GTK3)

Show parents for tasks in workview

Repeating tasks

Ideas for backends

How to choose which backends are officially supported? Which not?

Hamster plugin bugs/feature requests

D-Bus interface

  • really separate server an GUI of GTG using D-Bus

Text editor rework

Look there.

UI improvements

Gantt diagram plugin

New representation of tasks

Multiple selection of tags

Nifty Drag and Drop support

  • DnD from Mozilla Thunderbird
    • Task Coach implementation → requires e-mail password and then fetch it manually, the password is lost after restart
    • an extension for Thunderbird to convert this e-mail into GTG task
  • Postler – it uses our D-Bus interface for converting e-mail into a task, bugs with special characters like : „ # etc.
  • DnD a snippet of text into GTG window → create a new task with that text
    • special support for links – I want to look at this page later
  • DnD between tags and tasks:
    • task on tag, tag on task => task gets a new tag

    • task on "Tasks without tags" or vice versa => tasks is removed all its tags


Permanent tags

When there is no longer active tasks associated to a tag, it disappear and it is very annoying to have to re-create same tags several times over a long time of use.

It would be great to put an option which enable a persistent mode for tags.

There must be option to use default behavior in 0.2.4 => hide them

I think we will need to have remove option in right click menu

in case of removing => we dont need reset tag menu item

Official GTG server, assigning tasks to people through XMPP backend

Quick add toolbar

Notification area

Reordering tasks

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