• Python 2

    • pip install coverage

    Python 3

    • pip3 install coverage


  • By default coverage will measure all code, unless it is part of the Python standard library. So we'd better create a confguration file named .coveragerc under root directory of GTG codebase mostly for specifying source files for measurement. For only gtk part measurement, the configuration file could be something like below:

    source =
    omit =
    For full measurement, it will be something like:
    source =
    omit =


  •   coverage run gtg -d

    You can add more arguments for gtg at the end of command above. For example, if you would like to use local liblarch for both testing, you can use:

      coverage run gtg -d -l


  • After running coverage command, it will create a file named .coverage to store related information. To generate the report, we need run coverage report and the report will be shown on the screen. To generate a annotated HTML listings detailing missed lines, we need to run coverage html and then we can visit htmlcov/index.html in the browser for a nicer presentation.


  • One big problem for testing with coverage is that, coverage report will reset each time after experiments on running tests.

    To keep the information before, we can use another powerful feature, combine. Each time after generating one .coverage file, we can move it to another extra directory, for example, named combine with different file names. When we have enough .converage files, we can copy all previous .coverage files back to the root directory of GTG codebase. Then we need to run coverage combine to combine all .coverage files, after which all .coverage files will be converted to one sigle .coverage file, then you can go on with Report part work.

List of steps to do coverage testing

  • This is not a full list, any suggestions or contribution are welcome!
              Open the `backends` window
              Click the `Add` button
              Click the `Cancel` button
              Add `Tomboy` Backend
              Enable Sync of `Tomboy` Backend
              Disable Sync of `Tomboy` Backend
              Rename `Tomboy` Backend to `test`
              Remove `Tomboy` Backend
              Close the `backends` window
              Main Window:
                   Maximize the window
                   Minimize the window
                   Resize the window
                   Change to `workflow` view
                   Hide and show `Tags Sidebar`
                   Hide and show `Closed Tasks Pane`
                   Hide and show `Toolbar`
                   Hide and show `Quick Add Entry`
                   Drag and drop task on tag (NOT WORK)
              Tag Sidebar:
                   Randomly choose a tag
                   Move a tag as sub tag of another one
                   Edit a tag via right click context menu
                   keyboard event
                   Change Sidebar Width
                   Collapsed the tag
                   Delete a search
              Closed Tasks Pane:
                   Randomly choose a closed task
                   keyboard event
              Task View:
                   Randomly choose a task
                   Move a task as sub task of another one
                   Open task edit dialog
                   Add subtask
                   Mark a task as done
                   Mark a task as not to be done anymore
                   Remove a task
                   Modify tags
                   Set/clear start/due date
                   no active tasks
                   open with collapsed_tasks
                   modify tags
                   keyboard event
                   Sort title/start date/due date
              Quick Add Entry:
                   Add a task
                   Click the clear button
                   Mark a task as done
                   Mark a task as not to be done anymore
                   Add a new task
                   Open `About` Dialog
                   Click `License`
                   Click `Credit`
                   Close `About` Dialog
                   Click all items in menu
                   Toggle plugin
                   Click configurable plugin
              Modify tag dialog:
                   Add tag
                   Remove tag
                   Apply to subtasks
              Tag Editor:
                   Focus out
                   Set/Remove tag color
              Create new task
              Close task with subtasks
              Randomly open a dialog
              Change the text and close task dialog
              Change start/due date
              Cut/Copy/Paste (Partial Work)
              Insert a subtask with toolbar
              Insert a tag with toolbar
              Mark a task as done/Undone/Deleted with toolbar
              Use `-` to insert subtask

Latest Report

  • Latest Gtk part report of Gtk3 and Python3 ported GTG by using previous configuration file and list of steps for coverage testing

    Name                                                           Stmts   Miss  Cover
    ../liblarch/liblarch_gtk/__init__      281     34    88%
    ../liblarch/liblarch_gtk/treemodel      94     20    79%
    GTG/gtk/__init__                                                   8      0   100%
    GTG/gtk/backends_dialog/__init__                                 118      6    95%
    GTG/gtk/backends_dialog/addpanel                                  93      0   100%
    GTG/gtk/backends_dialog/backendscombo                             40      0   100%
    GTG/gtk/backends_dialog/backendstree                             121      0   100%
    GTG/gtk/backends_dialog/configurepanel                           103      7    93%
    GTG/gtk/browser/CellRendererTags                                  98     16    84%
    GTG/gtk/browser/__init__                                          27      0   100%
    GTG/gtk/browser/browser                                          914     92    90%
    GTG/gtk/browser/modifytags_dialog                                 48      1    98%
    GTG/gtk/browser/tag_context_menu                                  33      0   100%
    GTG/gtk/browser/tag_editor                                       270     29    89%
    GTG/gtk/browser/treeview_factory                                 310      9    97%
    GTG/gtk/colors                                                    47     23    51%
    GTG/gtk/delete_dialog                                             68      1    99%
    GTG/gtk/editor/__init__                                           18      0   100%
    GTG/gtk/editor/calendar                                           95      6    94%
    GTG/gtk/editor/editor                                            377     45    88%
    GTG/gtk/editor/taskview                                          836     99    88%
    GTG/gtk/editor/taskviewserial                                    136     13    90%
    GTG/gtk/manager                                                  158     19    88%
    GTG/gtk/plugins                                                  174     42    76%
    GTG/gtk/preferences                                              155     12    92%
    GTG/gtk/tag_completion                                            60      2    97%
    TOTAL                                                           4682    476    90%

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