• Implement an user-friendly search window (so that the user could select which tags to appear, which dates, which words to/not to appear, etc - without having to know the text search syntax).
  • Have priorities in tasks. I saw that there were some bug reports in 2010 about this, but I don't see this functionality in the user documentation or running gtg. It seems useful to have a priority system for tasks, so one could sort the tasks by priority.
  • Adding a functionality for users to estimate how much time they will spend in a task, so that one could do a search and know how much time it 'should' take to finish all tasks. One example of this would be searching for tasks due today, and having an estimate of how long they will all take. Of course, this would also entail adding an 'actual time taken' field when users complete a task, so that they could have an idea of how good their estimates are.

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