Getting Things GNOME! — User Stories

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  • Albert opens GTG and quickly sees the first thing he should work on today.
  • Betty opens GTG and immediately begins to organize her outstanding work in order to decide what to work on next.
    • These two stories are in tension.
  • Dam receives an email containing a task sent by Samu through GTG. Dam's email client (Evolution) can add a task to GTG using gtg_new_task (that's of course on the Evolution side)
  • Dam wants to optionally set a priority for his tasks and then to see them sorted by priority
  • Dam wants to mark a task as a routinary task

  • Carlos, a student, receives in class a practical homework "Make Bench". Being in class, he adds it to his Remember The Milk account using his cellphone. When he gets home, Carlos' GTG is dutifully displaying the new task, tagged a@ONMYPHONE. To make a bench, Carlos need nails and wood. Therefore, he adds two subtasks, "Buy Wood" and "Buy Nails," also tagged @ONMYPHONE, since he wants them back there. This lets Carlos keep his tasks list tidy inside GTG, while having a different "view" of his tasks on his PHONE (because RTM does not support subtasks). The view on his phone is messier than the one in GTG (which is subtasks-organized), so he prefers looking at his tasks on GTG, when he can.
  • Donna is already using a web service that does not have task descriptions (only titles) or subtasks. She discovers GTG from a friend, and decides to give it a try. If she is not allowed to use task descriptions or subtasks, Donna's experience of GTG would not be great. The browser would be just a list of tasks. Donna should be able to understand why, if she wants to sync her tasks with the online service she already uses, some of the GTG features will not work..
  • Ernie has a home-work computer and a netbook. He has his main GTG in his work computer, but he is bored when he commutes to the grocery store or waits while his kids/dog plays, so he uses that time to edit his GTG tasks. That's fine, because he can use a CouchDB backend between the two. Ernie is also fond of his new Windows-based phone (it was a gift), and being very organized, he'd like to keep his tasks there too: the interface is crappy, but is a good fallback when he forgets to bring his netbook along.
    • Problem: CouchDB on windows mobile is a myth, but RTM, Toodledo... work fine.
  • Ernie has lost his netbook (he doesn't worry, since it was encrypted). He is stranded with his phone now. He doesn't use RTM, since it doesn't support subtasks, but Toodledo suits him fine. He has recently developed a Launchpad backend, and he'd like to sort/edit his bugs on his phone too. After all, most of his tasks are derived from bugs. How can he do it with 1task/1backend?
  • Dam, Pietro and Samu work together in a company. They want to import in GTG the tickets assigned for everyone on Trac.

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