GTG roadmap

Maps?! Where we’re going, we don’t need maps!

... but maybe we actually do! As the number of GTG contributors is growing, it has become increasingly interesting to lay out some plans about how we should arrange the development of GTG in time. This page is an attempt at proposing such a plan. Feel free to discuss some point, in this page or preferably through our mailing-lists and IRC chan (#gtg on GimpNet).

This page needs updating

This needs to be rewritten in 2020. 0.3.1 has been released long ago, 0.4 is the upcoming GTK3+Python3 release. See in the meantime.

Getting Things GNOME 0.3.1

Getting Things GNOME 0.3.1 should be done in really short time and its only change should be porting GTG to GTK3. Most of the time, it should be only about refactorization code. We have some bugs which could be solved only by porting to GTK3, e.g. Evolution synchronization.

This milestone will mainly focus on technical aspects, not on new features.

  • Clean up the bug database, perform a serious triage job in our bugs.
  • Port to GTK3
  • Port to Python3
  • Make the whole code base PEP8/Pylint compatible
  • Put together a good/useful test suite
  • OPTIONAL: improve and integrate the export plugin in core

Not so far future

Far future

  • statistics

  • GTG web client
  • Android app
  • <insert your wishes here>

Past Versions

Getting Things GNOME 0.3

Getting Things GNOME 0.3 is the next major version of GTG. Its main objective is to bring stability to released GTG 0.2.9:

  • reasonable performance

  • perfectly working synchronization services: Google Tasks, Remember the Milk, Launchpad, Tomboy/Gnote, Twitter, Identica, MantisBT
  • improve export plugin (see its bugs)

  • better packaging of plugins and synchronization services every distribution resolves dependences itself

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