GTG release process

Before release:

  1. code passes tests with commands make check

  2. CHANGELOG and GTG/ files are up to date
  3. merge translations from branch lp:~gtg-user/gtg/trunk-translations

  4. retest all again

Release tagging

Tag the revision (use bzr tag) with gtg-RELEASE_NUMBER. bzr tags lists all the tags. Update the page with available relases.

Building the tarball

Use sanity scripts to test creating a tarball. They will tell you missing files in the tarball.

make clean

You can install GTG into an empty folder so you exactly see what will be installed and what will not.

python install --prefix=./temp_folder

Create a tarball and upload it to Launchpad:

python sdist

Debian package

  1. Go to GTG Daily recipe

  2. Click on Request build(s)

  3. Select appropriate distributions and change archive into Stable GTG releases

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