Press coverage

Feel free to contribute links and quotes of positive press coverage about GTG here.

  • "Getting Things GNOME 0.4 is here to prove […] that it is here to stay for a long time to come, helping you getting your everyday stuff done and be more productive."

  • "No fads, no flashy timers, and no abstract concepts. Just a rock solid focus on having you sort your to dos in a way that gets you to do them when they need doing." "GTG isn’t a sticky note pad for idle thoughts, but a fully-featured task management conduit. It makes you organise and delegate tasks into actionable items, and then makes it easy to do those items." (a pretty good guide)

  • "GTD is a proven system for self-organization [and GTG] helps you implement the GTD system in Linux. The lean and well-arranged program supports easy and intuitive use."

  • "[...] an organizer for the GNOME desktop environment that provides a robust feature set and a relatively high level of usability" "The GTG user interface provides several convenience features that I find particularly advantageous."

  • "In the spirit of GTD, GTG is a simple application with a straightforward interface that allows you to spend more time working than fiddling with an application that's purpose is to make you work more efficiently. Unlike some applications that have cumbersome or complicated interfaces, GTG is easy to use and easy to get up and running with." "All in all, GTG is a very useful and easy-to-use application. I appreciate its simplicity because that means I can spend more time actually getting things done, rather than spending the time entering in the tasks I need to be doing."

  • "GTG is a fairly complete solution and should be sufficient for anyone who's looking to implement GTD on a GNOME desktop." "For lightweight task management, GTG heads the pack. It's light, fast, and provides just enough functionality that users can implement GTD or their own brand of task management."

  • "[...] GTG is much more than just a to-do list application."

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