Plugins Ideas

Task Templates

There certain kinds of tasks that usually have the same number of steps, or need the same kind of information or resources attached to them. These tasks aren't recurrent on a regular basis, but we they have to be done often. For instance: Recording a video tutorial, releasing a new version of X software, deep cleaning the house, etc.

The task templates plugin would provide a way to save these tasks as a template (without any dates) and have a menu to quickly add them to the task list.

Urgency Styling

This plugin would apply some style to tasks that are due now or overdue. This could modify the CSS attached to the taskview to add an image background with yellow warning stripes if the task is set to now, and red if it's overdue. This should be relatively subtle but still noticeable, and it should never affect readability.

"Work on this"

This plugin would allow users to attach folders and commands to tags. Then when the user wants to start working on a task he can click a button and have the folder(s) and application(s) related to that task's tag opened. This could also include some common dbus commands for Gnome, so it's possible to open windows in a new workspace for instance.

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