This is a list of notes in no particular order that point out to several aspects that should be taken into account for GTG's redesign.

Choosing/Planning what to do

People seems to be more enclined to eprform work when they can focus on a limited number of tasks. One way to obtain this is to provide help in identifying relevant tasks and helping people to plan future work (e.g.: tomorrow work) as a short list of tasks.

See this thread for reference:

And this extract in particular:

  • "(...) I figured out that I am likely to do something when I see only few tasks. If I can choose from 5 tasks (and 3 could not be done now at this place), I choose one and do it. If I have many tasks and there still only 2 relevant tasks, I end up procrastinating. (choice paradox). I would like to see as less tasks as possible for the work day and in the evening do micro planning for tomorrow (choose a subset of available tasks so in the morning I start working on it without planning phase)."

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