This page describes a new DBus API for Getting Things GNOME!, as implemented in lp:~gtg-contributors/gtg/dbus-server. Example code for the old DBus API can still be viewed at gtg/DBus/1.

The major change of the version 2 API is that it exposes all the core functionality of GTG! In the major version following GTG! 0.3, the GTK+ user interface (and all other user interfaces) will be 100% through DBus. This follows the example of NetworkManager, Apt and other great software.

This means you can write code to interact with GTG! tasks in any language with DBus bindings.

Bus Name

GTG uses the bus name org.gnome.GTG on the session bus. Trying to access this bus name will cause the GTG daemon to be started, if it's not already running.

Object Paths

Every Task and Tag in GTG can be accessed directly on the bus by its own object path—there is no need to call any method like get_task() on the server.






The GTG! daemon



Individual tags by UUID3



Individual tasks by UUID3


  1. Because GTG! is implemented in Python, all objects also support the org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable interface.

  2. The org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface is extended in GTG! See below.

  3. These are version 4 (random) Universally Unique Identifiers. Because DBus does not allow hyphens in object paths, they are in hexadecimal form (550e8400e29b41d4a716446655440000) not "canonical form" (550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000).



This is a standard interface that is described in the DBus specification. It allows Get-ing and Set-ing of arbitrary named properties of any object.

In GTG!, the interface is extended with one extra method named List:

org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.List (in STRING interface_name,
                                      out ARRAY<STRING> props); 

List is a faster alternative to GetAll that avoids a Get of every property. That can be slow, especially where some properties are computed instead of stored in variables.


<interface name="org.gnome.GTG.Server">
  <method name="get_tasks_json">
    <arg type="s" direction="out"/>
  <method name="get_tags_json">
    <arg type="s" direction="out"/>
  • These methods retrieve a string that describes all tasks (or tags) in JSON format (

  <method name="new_task">
    <arg name="tags" type="as" direction="in"/>
    <arg name="newtask" type="b" direction="in"/>
    <arg type="o" directions="out"/>
  • Create a new Task, with some optional tags. The return value is the valid DBus Object Path of the new Task. If for any reason a new Task is not created, a DBus error will be raised.

    • The boolean argument newtask must be True.

  <method name="new_tag">
    <arg name="tagname" type="s" direction="in"/>
    <arg type="o" directions="out"/>
  • Create a new Tag with the label tagname. The return value is the valid DBus Object Path of the new Task. If for any reason a new Task is not created, a DBus error will be raised.

  <method name="list_tasks">
    <arg type="as" direction="out"/>
  <method name="list_tags">
    <arg type="as" direction="out"/>
  • These methods retrieve the IDs of all Tasks (or Tags) in an array of strings. Unlike get_tasks_json and get_tags_json, there is no information about hierarchy.

  <method name="shutdown"/>
  • The shutdown method causes the daemon to save all of its data and terminate. This is identical to sending the SIGQUIT signal to the daemon process.


<interface name="org.gnome.GTG.Tag">
  <property name="Color" type="s" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Name" type="s" access="read"/>
  <property name="Removable" type="s" access="read"/>


<interface name="org.gnome.GTG.Task">
  <property name="Closed_Date" type="s" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Content" type="s" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Due_Date" type="s" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Duration" type="s" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Modified" type="s" access="read"/>
  <property name="Priority" type="d" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Status" type="y" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Start_Date" type="s" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Tags" type="as" access="readwrite"/>
  <property name="Title" type="s" access="readwrite"/>


<interface name="org.gnome.GTG.GtkUI">
  <method name="ShowBrowser"/>
  <method name="HideBrowser"/>
  <method name="IconifyBrowser"/>
  <method name="OpenTask">
    <arg name="task" type="o" direction="in"/>
  <method name="OpenNewTask"/>
  <property name="BrowserIsVisible" type="b" access="read"/>

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