Getting Things GNOME!

Getting Things GNOME! (GTG) is a personal tasks and TODO-list items organizer for the GNOME desktop environment and inspired by the ''Getting Things Done'' (GTD) methodology.

GTG is designed with flexibility, adaptability, and ease of use in mind, so its user interface and workflow can be used as more than just "GTD" software. GTG is intended to help you track everything you need to do and need to know, from small tasks to large projects.

See this amazing demo video for a tour of GTG's features & benefits. See also the 2020 releases teaser trailer summarizing the project's development history.

Features for everybody

Whether you're a chaos warrior or a goldsmith, you will appreciate:

  • A graphical user interface that accommodates many workflows
    The user interface can be as minimalistic or as evolved as you like, and can be used whether you are a GTD practicioner or not.

  • Flexible tagging system: tags can be batch-tagged/untagged, can be hierarchical or not, can have an assigned color and/or emblem icon, and can be configured to show/hide the affected tasks in the workview.

  • Searches and saved searches (with similar customizeability to tags)

  • Natural language parsing and free-form task text editor

    • Supports dates like "today", "tomorrow", "thursday", "14", "jeudi", "now", and the ISO 8601 ("YYYY-MM-DD") standard, anywhere in the UI.

    • Supports keywords like "due:" and detects @tags anywhere in the title or description or as you quick-create tasks (for example "@phone Rob to buy a yacht in Istanbul due:Thursday @lifestyle @GUADEC_2008")

    • Quickly create multiple sub-tasks by using * or - as if they were bulleted lists.
  • Projects/task dependencies (infinite sub-tasks)

  • Lets you enter detailed notes and descriptions inside a task, if you need to.
  • An "actionable" tasks view mode
    Previously called the "Workview", this only shows tasks that are actionable (tasks that do not have a start date set into the future, do not have dependencies/sub-tasks blocking them, and that are not tagged with a tag set to be excluded from the workview), so that you can focus on what you can act on "right now".

  • Quick-defer tasks to common upcoming days, or to a custom date.

  • Translated and localized in most languages of Earth (not Klingon).
  • 100% Free and Open-Source, community-driven project. Works offline, no backdoors, no mystery code.

You may also be interested in our old manifesto, which established the core principles behind GTG's design and feature set.

Features for geeks

  • A super sleek, modern, native GTK user interface. No electron web app bullshit.
  • Open, human-readable and editable XML file format. It is documented here.

  • A Python codebase that is easy to read and contribute to, and a welcoming community (if you want a feature, get ready to contribute a patch ;) )

  • A plug-in architecture lets you extend the functionality of the program beyond conventional usecases.
  • It even has a command-line control interface (gtgcli), if controlling a GUI with a mouse and keyboard is "too mainstream" for you (⌐■_■) ...if you're hipster-enough to fix this feature, because it's probably broken (otherwise it wouldn't be cutting edge, would it?)

Where to find us[1].jpg See GTG's GitHub repository for source code, development information, and bug reporting (make sure to read the bug reporting guidelines). Note: there is also the general GTG meta-project if you care about other technologies GTG interfaces with.

Some of us team chat on the "" Matrix channel, mapped to the #gnome-gtg IRC channel on, to facilitate development-related discussions and coordination; feel free to join and hang around, but don't expect 24/7 tech support there (use our issue tracker instead, unless you're coming there to collaboratively troubleshoot something to facilitate a report on the issue tracker).

Note: to be able to find/add the gtg channel to your rooms list in Matrix's Element app, you will need to add the server first. See "Exploring the GNOME Matrix directory" for details.

Where to be notified about the project's news

You can follow us on Twitter and Mastodon (in addition to blog posts on Planet GNOME where Jeff's blog posts about GTG appear). You can subscribe to Jeff's announcements mailing list (explanation/details here) to be notified in the mail about major news & updates (roughly 1 to 5 emails per year).


  • Diego welcomes donations through Liberapay and through GumRoad. Please consider sponsoring his work this way so that he can allocate more time to maintaining GTG!

  • Jeff does not accept donations for himself (though he welcomes marketing-related business)


For everybody

For new contributors

For maintainers and crazy developers

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