GNOME LaTeX - Port to GAction/Amtk

GtkUIManager and GtkAction are deprecated, and have been removed in GTK+ 3.9x. gnome-latex still uses those APIs, so it needs to be ported to new APIs: GAction and Amtk (Amtk is part of Tepl).

Misc notes

  • Check menu items used in: View, Build and Tools menus.
  • Radio menu items used only in: Documents menu -> it can be created separately, the implementation would be cleaner with a placeholder mechanism.

  • Hybrid transition possible? Create some menu/toolbar items with Amtk and keep the rest with GtkUIManager? Maybe not possible for menu/toolbar items, but possible for GtkAction/GAction, see amtk_utils_bind_g_action_to_gtk_action() and amtk_utils_create_gtk_action().

TODO list

  • Create GAction's, port GtkActionEntry's to AmtkActionInfoEntry's and use amtk_utils_create_gtk_action().

  • Port toolbars to Amtk.
  • Port menu to Amtk.
  • Do a maximum in C and in Tepl.

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