GNOME LaTeX - Google Summer of Code 2018


Example of easy task to get accepted

Possible tasks to do during the GSoC

  • Finish /../RenameApp (more important than the other tasks).

  • Continue and try to finish /../PortToGActionAmtk. Small commits, the advantage is that normally all commits will be merged upstream. Some improvements in the Amtk library will be needed.

  • No longer use other deprecated APIs.
  • Completion of labels in \ref and \pageref LaTeX commands, update the patches at 722858.

  • In gnome-latex there is this long-term goal to get rid of the Vala code. And another goal is to write re-usable code in a library like Tepl, so that other text editors can benefit from the features. So a possibility for the GSoC is to pick one feature, implement it in Tepl in a re-usable/generic way, and then use it in gnome-latex. For example the side panel container (relatively easy) and/or the integrated file browser widget (more complicated). See the Tepl roadmap. But this is for students with already enough experience with GLib/GTK+ in C.

Possible titles for the student application

  • Make GNOME LaTeX ready for GTK+ 4 and improve auto-completion
  • Make progress on the GNOME LaTeX and Tepl roadmaps

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