Other Places Design Review

Notes from the GUADEC design review session on the new Other Places location in Nautilus and the file chooser.

High priority

  • Network discovery should be added to the network section, prior to 3.18.

  • Connect to server - after you connect to a server, the address entry field should be cleared.

  • Address field should be insensitive while connecting, and connect button should become a cancel button - in order to prevent initiating two simultaneous connections.

  • Integrate with nautilus, and drop the connect to server dialog.

  • The list item in Networks doesn't take you to the same location as the sidebar bookmark.

  • Improve address entry hint so it is more verbose than "Address..." - "Enter server address...", perhaps?

Normal priority

  • File chooser - places sidebar shows the current location (ie. where the app was launched) at the bottom of the XDG locations list. Should either not do that, or put it in its own section (probably the former). Only in filechooser when using command line.

  • Sort the list of local volumes alphabetically by dev (with computer at the top).

  • Server address - minimum string width is too low, causing it to ellipsize too early.

  • Can the list rows be made to mirror the size of list rows elsewhere (so it follows the zoom level)? - I think better to make it work for 3.20 with the views rework.
  • Increase the height of the recent locations popover, so that more rows can be displayed.

  • Server address entry hint is missing the example string that's in the connect to server dialog. Could we label the entry with "Server Address", and change the hint to "For example: smb://foo.example.org"? - Discussion needed
  • Odd icon for unmounting remote filesystems.

Low priority

  • Add a clear button the server address field.

  • Arrow icon on recent servers button - points up, which is inconsistent with other disclosure triangles. Instead - point it down when the button is raised, then rotate it 180 degrees when pressed. Or, at the very least, point it down. :)

  • List rows have a hover effect - other list rows in nautilus don't. Please drop the hover, so it's consistent.

  • Spinner isn't vertically centred against "Network" heading.

  • Is the text in the list the right color? It seems to be 100% black, which isn't correct. I'ts intended

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