The library behind Eye Of Gnome (libeog)

libeog is a submodule within eog, where most of the image handling and displaying functionality is concentrated. This page is about its current state and future plans.

Current State

Currently libeog resides in the libeog subdirectory of the eog CVS module.


The most important classes it defines:

The other classes:

  • EogCanvasPixbuf - To be removed

  • EogCollectionItem - To be removed

  • EogFullScreen - To be removed

  • EogImageCache

  • EogImageSaveInfo

  • EogInfoView

  • EogInfoViewDetail

  • EogInfoViewExif

  • EogInfoViewFile

  • EogJob - To be replaced by a new and simpler job architecture

  • EogMetadataReader

  • EogTransfer

  • EogUriConverter

  • EogWrapList - To be replaced by GtkIconView (See the the plan)


Eog is really just a shell around libeog. libeog is currently responsible for:

  • loading and saving images
  • extracting metadata
  • handling multiple images, e.g. from the same directory
  • displaying single images
    • display in a window
    • display in full screen
    • display image meta data
    • zooming, panning
  • displaying multiple images
    • image thumbnail list
    • slide show
  • transforming images
    • rotating, flipping

Ideas for the future

Applications using libeog

please add if you find others

  • Eog
  • F-spot


If you use libeog, please give some comments on how you use it, what you like / don't like / miss about it.

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