Fixed crashers with the merge of eog-ng

With the merge of eog-ng with trunk, as of the beginning of the 2.19 development cycle, all the well known crashers EOG had are part of the past. Ok, that's not entirely true. Unfortunately, these crashers will still be present in EOG 2.18, as the design problems in the old code made fixing them really difficult for us. But patience, they are the least!

The following is a list of all the bug reports related to these crashers. Once 2.20 is released, all these bugs should be resolved FIXED.

I resolved OBSOLETE all the crashers from EOG versions prior 2.16.0, which hadn't duplicates in newer versions.

  • gnomebug:320206 – Crash when canceling slide show
  • gnomebug:348651 – [cmsSetLanguage] switching between images
  • gnomebug:352162 – crash on Image Viewer
  • gnomebug:358459 – crash on exit
  • gnomebug:360819 – selecting images while thumbnails are being created
  • gnomebug:374141 – crash in Image Viewer: Just viewing pictures. H...
  • gnomebug:382691 – crash in Image Viewer: I was seeing some photog...
  • gnomebug:393008 – crash in Image Viewer: Closing Eog by the Close...
  • gnomebug:413211 – eog crashed with SIGSEGV in eog_image_load()

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