Eye of Gnome Roadmap

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Adding a task

  • New tasks are inserted into the "Future" list.

  • A task must have a description!
  • Add possible bug references or links to feature description pages on the wiki.
  • A task should have at least one bug reference or feature page.
  • Mark the status according to the following palette:

    to do

    in progress (or similar)




Bug Number(s)

Additional Information


Preload previous and next files in collection


to do

Add a Clutter-based image view

546504 532183

to do

Make thumbnailing in file open dialog smarter


to do

Archived Roadmaps

  • /EogNg – Development Roadmap from the eog-ng refactoring (~ 2.14 - 2.19)

  • /2.20 – Eye of GNOME 2.20

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