UI Hackfest Ideas

  • Application Title (Using mail folder name, Calendar, Address Book, and unred counts)

  • Folder messages should be disabled when no folder is seleced.
  • After a folder is created, it should be visible. (The parent folder should be unfolded by default)
  • Meeting editor improvements - keyboard shortcuts to add/delete a attendee.

  • Resolve duplicate contacts
  • Default vfolder configurations
  • Edit->Preferences: All the tab heading should use a standard color. Calendar/ Free/busy uses something odd.

  • RTL Language auditing
  • Use e-error every where instead of gnome or gtk dialog
  • General UI Polish (Find something that is generally right, and suggest improvements)
  • Assign Task r-click menu item appears on a assigned task. Both this and open, shows the same dialog.

  • Fixing the tree view. Double click should fold/unfold. Use different folder icons for fold / unfold states(Where ever possible).Optionally i guess double click refreshes a folder which could be added to a pop-up menu and/or to the folder menu.
  • Status tracking should be disabled for unsupported providers. It is bad that a menu option just return without telling anything.
  • For loading operation, we should show busy cursor.
  • In the dialog where we add contacts, like clicking of TO/CC/ other place, it should be redesigned to be more intuitive (vivek).

Bug Squashing

Bugs that require string changes or introduce new strings

We are in String and UI Announcement Period now so we _MUST_ inform gnome-i18n( at )gnome.org and gnome-doc-list( at )gnome.org when adding or changing strings and we _MUST_ inform gnome-doc-list( at )gnome.org when changing the UI!

Evolution/User:Andre: generally: dear UI hackers, all translators will love you and give you candies if you take a look at the open string i18n issues. srag will of course love you if you help him fixing menu item bugs. and if you're a bit lazy, fixing some mnemonic issues will also make you famous - at least for me. :-)

  • 246233 - Inconsistent use of "Abc Editor" concept

  • 255053 - Set default appointment duration

  • 218570 - "Collapse all" and "expand all" threads feature missing

  • 238979 - "Expand Contact List" command would be useful

  • 246255 - "Other User's Folder" - avoid this genitive construction

  • 246257 - Find in Message dialog - UI suggestions

  • 246235 - Add Virtual Folder Rule dialog - UI suggestions (johnnyde: patch sent)

  • 246234 - Add Virtual Folder Rule dialog - label suggestions (Rohini)

  • 225816 - Can't edit existing alarm / reminder, only add or remove (johnnyde)

  • 232065 - Selection jumps around when deleting in phone-list view

  • 274234 - jump to today pretty useless ...(srag)

  • 266150 - In list view Delete option not working in menu and toolbar (Victor)

  • 210856 - UI issues with searching for mails

  • 272920 - Month calendar in "day view" should scroll with scroll wheel

Evolution/User:Andre: adding a few other personal favourites:

  • 212488 - Great and very easy enhancement for skipping gpg signing

Evolution/User:Andre: adding my favourites for 2006:

No string changes

  • 272967 - Edit->Preferences window resizes after images are loaded. HIG violation.

  • 309572 - Disable/Enable when selecting / deselecting messages (Vvaradhan:Patch sent to list)

  • 258786 - Mark as complete menu item available for completed task (Patch Available for rework) (johnnyde:Patch sent to list)

  • 311125 - Editing a user defined view

  • 261239 - Tab movement in contact editor

  • 205804 - Tooltip for calendar time zone. (Rajeev)

  • 207071 - Keybinding for calendar / events

  • 212084 - Indicate that therez some event in a day.

  • 223590 - Dragable events in month/week view.

  • 231166 - Auto scroll to the correct time.

  • 230978 - Inconsistencies in label options

  • 246938 - Spell check menu entries too close (Check and Add misspelled words) to each other

  • 263581 - Evolution is not warning of conflict of appointments

  • 203286 - Changing the setting to "Always load images from the net" doesn't cause a currently viewed HTML message to load images.

  • 234008 - Drafts folder should always show the count

Evolution/User:Andre: adding a few other personal favourites:

  • 228040 - Setting followup flag should update message preview

  • 324677 - Mark as Menu does provide Clear/Completed

  • 266802 - view editing dialog remains on top (sush)

  • 258048 - Advanced search on categories not showing categories list to select the category

  • 216535 - changing start time should keep appointment's time length

  • [https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=213660 213660] - remember last directory position in file chooser dialog (johnnyde:Patch sent to list). Evolution/User:Andre: also see bug 271551

  • 303193 - changing reminder snooze time doesn't work after pressing alt+s

  • 229132 - first-time wizard lets you skip timezone step

  • 239817 - auto-scroll to new criterion when setting up a filter in the new filter dialog

  • 256899 - disable/enable buttons in settings redundant

  • 274234 - jump to today pretty useless

  • 203026 - navigate through contact cards horizontally by using left+right keys

  • 221270 - send&receive dialog should show also account name for usability

  • 242966 - Focus in "Select Contacts From Address Book" dialog

  • 244058 - Show BCC Field if addressed added via Select Contacts from Addressbook dialog (johnnyde: Patch sent to list)

  • 319848 - Cannot select multiple adresses for 'To', 'Cc' etc fields

  • 323105 - Bring back the UI regressions introduced in 2.4

...and another round of my 2006's favourites: ;-)

  • 261457 and 324604 - iso-8859* encoding problem of name in contact List and contact select dialog

  • 207699 - Contact List e-mail address entry should have autocomplete

  • 217066 - ms-windows type folder rename (use F2?)

  • 262950 - Search "clear" clears field as well as the parameter

  • 325882 - Enforce send/receive mail dialog window positions

  • 325110 - Compose Message Controls Not Working

  • 205477 - Merge Screens in the Import Wizard

  • 268611 - Alarm for all-day event triggers at 0:00 UTC not local time (chen)

  • 303653 - Mail headers should have a fixed position.

  • 317283 - Contact Categories dialog should have a default response

  • 317282 - Contact Full Name dialog should have a default response

  • 223783 Hyperlinks right-click option to choose browser (like xchat)

  • 311666 - a different context menu in msg view - concerning view options

  • generally, the junk ui is pretty busted.

Evolution/User:surf: Few Exchange ui bugs

  • 310988 - Send options menu item should be removed from Compose message window

I've just filed the following to take advantage of UIHackfest :-) :

  • 274396 - Very annoying having to resize ONE by ONE the columns of list view of messages

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