Copying of Messages

The time-taken to copy messages from Evolution's local-store to a folder in the exchange account is tabulated below.


Time Taken


21 sec


3 min


4 min 10 sec


4 min 45 sec


10 min 12 sec


22 mins

Sync-up of externally deleted items

When you are in Evo, delete some items using Outlook or OWA or some other client. Now in Evo, try to switch to the folder where the items are deleted. The time-taken to sync-up these deleted items are given in the following table.

No. of Items

Time Taken

< 100

Instantaneous on folder-switch

(100, 3000)

About 30 sec.

(3000, 10k)

About a minute

Loading of mails

No. of Folders

No.of mails per folder

Number of Mails

Time Taken




~ 2 mins




~ 2mins




~ 2 mins




~ 5 mins

These data are for the first time loading only.
On the subsequent times, the time taken will be dependant on the number of new mails that has arrived since last checking.
In our test environment, if there are 10 new mails, it takes about 5 seconds to load all the messages.

Loading of mails in public-folders

The time-taken for the loading of mails in the public folders is very much the same as the time-taken for the private folders too.

No. of Folders

No.of mails per folder

Time Taken



~ 2 mins



~ 3 mins

Tested Combinations of Sending of Mails

Plain / HTML
With / Without attachments

All combinations of mails are sent properly
This is not done in a magnitude of 100s, because it will be ineffective to do so manually.
Sending lots of mails can not be tested by hand effectively. We must use some tool (like Rational Robot) with a record-and-play option for this purpose.

(PNayak will be better equipped to choose the correct one)

Applying Filters

In a folder having approximately 10k messages, two filters each moving a message to a folder were applied.
450 and 150 messages were moved as a result of these two filters
The whole operation took approximately 2 minutes

When the same filters were applied in a fresh evolution (cache-cleared), it took ~5 mins to complete the download of mails and filter operations together, as against the 2 mins earlier without filters. The time increase is due to the "move-message" operation initiated by the filter and the execution time of the filter is negligible.


1) All the time-calculations are done using the clock-applet and hence not scientifically precise
2) The time specified will vary according to the size of mails taken
3) Mails from the Hackers, Patches mailing lists and my personal gmail account were used for the testing purpose, so as to make test-cases closer to practical usage.
4) The purpose of the testing is just to see how much Evolution-exchange withstands stress and by may not be used benchmarking statistics.
5) Network delay is the single-most slowing factor than anything else. These tests were performed in an environment where the Server lies in the same network as the Evolution client. The response time will change in case of remote servers. (Say accessing a server in Waltham from Bangalore).

6) Test-Configuration:<<BR>> Client: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, 2GB RAM, NLD-10-Beta-3, Evolution 2.5.91
Server: Intel P4 3.00GHz, 3.58GB RAM, Windows Server 2003 SP1, Exchange server 2003, Active Directory 5.2.3790

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