New Search UI - Single interface for search related funtions


1. Fast and Selectable Per-Folder Search like

  • Show Important Mails
  • Mails with Attachments
  • Recent Mails
  • Unread Mails
  • Last 5 days Mails
  • All...
  • Mails from known people I know. (From Addressbook)
  • Configurable criteria.

2. Global Search

  • Search mails in all accounts
  • Search for mails in a selected account

Proposed UI


New Search UI for Evolution 2.8


New Search UI (Calendar) for Evolution 2.8

Selecting the type of search

Selecting teh type of search

Grayed text indicating the currently selected option

Grayed hint text

Clear button

Clear button Clear button

Comments/Feature Requests/Suggestions

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