Quote Message in Reply like MS-Outlook

One of the feature that I long for is a simple reply feature.

I work in an office that is predominantly dominated by MS Outlook. We tend to have long discussion mails where each reply is quoted in the typical MSO style - previous message is indended and then typical message headers get added followed by a tag saying ---Original Message---

When I reply to a chain of mails with evolution, I have to manually create this reply style by first hitting Fwd: and then editing the Subj. to read as Re: instead of [Fwd:] and then change the ---Forwarded Message--- tag to ---Original Message--- tag.

EOL Character Missing in Quoted Text

Once the message is received by all, I can see that the quoted part of the message has all its end-of-line characaters eaten away making the whole quoted message appearing in one line.

These two features/bugs once fixed will make life easier and will be primarily responsible for people like me using evolution. I have been using evolution for my non-work accounts from mid-2002 and still use it.

For now I use VirtualBox just for MSO.

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