evolution-kolab is a project to provide connectivity to Kolab groupware servers for Evolution.

Achievements for Releases 3.6.x

  • New UI element for extended free/busy information display.
  • UI support for:
    • Displaying of PIM folders in the E-Mail view
    • PIM folder type setting
    • IMAP folder ACL setting
  • Re-use of Kolab IMAP email credentials for PIM folder configuration.
  • Kolab PIM folder autodiscovery and automatic setup.

Achievements for Releases 3.4.x

  • Via the evolution-kolab plugin, Evolution can connect to a Kolab server and use it as a groupware server.
  • Multiple Kolab accounts can be used at the same time.
  • E-Mail, Events (Calendar), Contacts (Address Book), Task Lists (ToDos) and Memo Lists (Notes) are supported, which can be shared among and concurrently accessed by multiple Kolab clients.

  • Free/Busy-Lists and extended Free/Busy-Lists are supported.
  • Providing full Offline-Support is completed, including offline editing, as well as conflict detection and resolution for PIM data during synchronisation with a Kolab server.
  • Secure connections to the Kolab server via SSL and TLS are supported.

Project Resources

Old Website

evolution-kolab for Evolution/E-D-S 2.30

  • The plugin can be compiled for Evo/E-D-S version 2.30.3. The branch for that series is gnome-2-30, so if you want to compile from source for Evolution/E-D-S 2.30.3, please be sure to use the gnome-2-30 branch.

    Notes for building and installing evolution-kolab 0.30 binaries manually from source for gnome-2-30 can be obtained from evolution-kolab's Git repository. Release files, user documentation and further supplemental material for the old series can be found at the SF Files section.

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