Evolution 2.30 Planning

We have populated the initial set of tasks that will be considered for Evolution 2.30. Down the Task List we have the proposals collected for previous releases and new ones can be added there. If your willing to take up a task, please add it to the Task List filling the owner for the same and also have a word with the maintainers.

Task List

Bonobo less Evolution Target: 2.29.x

 Owner: Matthew Barnes
 '''Status: In progress See [[Evolution/KillBonobo]] for updates.'''

EDS D-Bus port Target: 2.29.x

 Owner: Ross Burton
 '''Status: In progress. chen for fixing bugs'''

Exchange MAPI Improvements Target: 2.29.x

 Owner: Johnny/Bharath
 '''Status: In progress [[Evolution/MAPIProvider]]'''

Mailer async operations (with IMAPX) Target: 2.29.x

 Owner: Chen
 '''Status: In progress'''

GNOME 3.0 Cleanup Target: 2.29.x

 Owner: Matthew Barnes (as time permits) / others?
 '''Status: In progress.  See [http://tinyurl.com/evolution-cleanup Cleanup Tasks] + [[Evolution/GTK3]].  Start with [[https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=567260|GnomeDruid]]'''

Migrate go-evolution wiki contents to lgo and gnome.org/projects/evolution Target: 2.29.x

 Owner: Johnny
 '''Status: Started'''
 Static archive : www.gnome.org/~jjohnny/files/go-evo/
 Migration plan : http://mail.gnome.org/archives/evolution-hackers/2009-September/msg00010.html

Quick steps for writing evolution plugins Target: 2.29.x

 '''Status: Not started'''

Disk summary regressions on vfolder Target: 2.29.x

 '''Status: pending issues to be fixed.'''



** (GNOME seems to be going the route of http://www.conduit-project.org/ so perhaps this should be considered instead of opensync?)


  • IMAP ACL support ?
  • Server Side rules (IMAP/Exchange), manageSIEVE
  • Custom mail headers while sending mails
  • Better support for IMAP offline mode (caching everything in background for first time, instead caching single message when click on it)



PDA Sync

Evolution support for Windows Mobile OS.

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