Evolution 2.24 code named as "Baltra"

Evolution 2.24 Planning

We are adding tasks that will be considered for Evolution 2.24. Once the proposals gets finalized they will be part of the task list with a owner and target milestone along with the status.

Task List

Exchange Smartcard authentication Target: 2.23.1

 Owner: Bharath
 '''Status: Patch ready. GAL not done.'''

PST Import Target: 2.23.x

 Owner: Bharath
 '''Status: Work in progress.'''

Migrate GtkHTML to GtkUIManager Target: 2.23.x

 Owner: Matthew
 Migrate from BonoboUI to GtkUIManager, drop GnomeSpell dependency.
 '''Status: Complete.  See [[Evolution/New_Composer]]'''

Exchange MAPI Target: 2.23.x

 Owner: Johnny/Srini/Suman
 '''Status: WIP. See [[Evolution/MAPIProvider]]'''

Calendar Cache/Thread rewrite Target: 2.23.x

 Owner: Chen
 '''Status: Not started'''

CamelDBSummary with sqlite Target: 2.23.x

 Owner: Srini
 '''Status: Released in 2.23.5. See [[Evolution/CamelDBSummary]] and the [[https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=543389|tracker bug]].'''

Custom Sending headers Target: 2.23.1

 Owner: Ashish
 '''Status: Patch pending review/commit'''

Port Evolution and co. to GIO/GVFS Target: 2.23.x

 Owner: Milan
 '''Status: Complete. See [[http://live.gnome.org/GioPort|GioPort]]'''



** (GNOME seems to be going the route of http://www.conduit-project.org/ so perhaps this should be considered instead of opensync?)


  • IMAP ACL support ?
  • Server Side rules (IMAP/Exchange), manageSIEVE
  • Custom mail headers while sending mails
  • Better support for IMAP offline mode (caching everything in background for first time, instead caching single message when click on it)



=== PDA Sync === Evolution support for Windows Mobile OS.

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