Evolution Two Ten Planning

I am seeding the page with some initial thoughts and moving stuff from the Future Release Planning page. As always, your comments and contributions are welcome. -- Harish

Focus Areas

gnome targetting large deployments

gnome targetting users

gnome targetting platforms, developers, and translators

erase the favourite user questions

  • add a working and well-tested backup and restore functionality (done in 2.11 ?)
  • 213072 - "Summary and folder mismatch" error

  • make evolution realize that it crashes on a particular email and automatically set /apps/evolution/mail/display/show_preview to 0 when getting restarted
  • set up a wiki FAQ page (the FAQ ?)

Thanks Andre, for bringing out these points -- Harish

GroupWise Mailer

1) Check if it will be possible to subscribe to GW Events and see if we can avoid the read-cursor calls
2) Reduce the memory consumed by the UID comparison code (in IMAP as well as GW)
3) Support for removing obsolete proxies from proxy-login-dialog
4) Retaining colors for GW calendars/tasks/notes. The code will go in a plugin. So I am listing this under GroupWise mailer.


1) Fixing all the eds crashers
2) Optimizing string manipulation in vcard parsing
3) Optimizing auto completion
4) Resolving ldap and gal addressbook issues.


  • Improve stability - fix all the crashers which has high user impact

  • Fix all the major bugs which break the functionality

  • Call libecal APIs in separate EThread to prevent evolution being unresponsive

  • Fix the issues related to printing

  • Fix the major bugs which occur in specific locales

  • Fix the g_critical warning crashers

  • <span style='text-decoration: line-through;'>Support for non-US based weather calendars Gnome Bugzilla equivalent</span> already filled in gnome targetting users

Task List


go-evolution.org revamp

Reorganize the site to remove stale pages and update information




In Progress

Spam Handling

Review Bogo filter as an alternative to Spam assassin




Not started

Deprecation of lignomeprint(ui)

Use gtk+-2.10's printing capability instead




Not started

||Removal of Intrusive Error Dialogs||Use better mechanism to show errors||Important||Difficult||Srini||Not Started||Varadhan has to provide interface with Camel for identifying the user triggered actions.

Progress Indication for Long operations

Show busy cursors, %finished, right status messages




Not started

Shortcut Editor for Evolution

Configurable shortcuts for evolution




Almost done. Should be part of 2.9.x

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