It's possible to alter the behavior of Evolution with environmental variables. These settings are generally not available via the Preferences dialog and allow you to fine tune certain Evolution parameters.

All Backends

CACHE_REFRESH_INTERVAL=<integer> <integer> is the number of milliseconds before the cache is refreshed.

GETQM_TIME_INTERVAL=<integer> <integer> is the number of seconds before the calendar component auto refreshes. Send/Receive (Get Mail) does not refresh the calendar UI. This setting becomes more important when using multiple clients to access the same calendar database

PRELOAD_WINDOW_DAYS=<integer> <integer> is the number of days to preload into your calendar. This allows you to tune Evolution to load current appointments first, so that users can see them as quickly as possible. If you set this value to 7, it will perform the following load: 1) Immediately load the next 7 days, 2) Load from 8 days in the future to your last scheduled future meeting 3) Load from the previous date back to your earliest scheduled meeting.

GroupWise Back End

GROUPWISE_DEBUG=<1> If this is set to 1, evolution and evolution-data-server will display all SOAP packets sent between the GroupWise backend and Evolution. This is very useful for debugging problems with the post office.

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