Evolution Custom Header Support

This feature provides a way of adding custom header to the email message. Custom headers are useful to classify material so that the security requirements of the official information are conveyed to all those who handle it.


1. Every account/protocol should support Custom Header support option.

2. To provide Custom header support as part of plugin system.

3. To provide configurable option dialog window to allow user to add custom header in e-mail.

4. User should be able to add different custom header dynamically. This support should be provided through an XML file.

5. User should be able to modify and remove custom header value at any point of time.

Functional Specification:

How to add custom header to an e-mail:

1.Open mail composer window and select Insert menu in tool bar and click on Insert->�Custom Header�.

2.After clicking on â€oCustom Headerâ€? menu option, pop-up option dialog window will appear which contains configurable value for custom header.

3.Option dialog window contains option to add/modify custom header. User can modify and cancel operation from option dialog window at any point of time. Clicking on the Cancel button, cancels the operation and Help button provides required help to user to get better configuration understanding in custom header configuration.

4.User can add dynamically more custom header options to option dialog window. For adding more custom header option values, user will have to add section for custom header value in XML file. XML's file section contains custom header value in terms of custom header name as major tag of XML file and its value as minor tag of XML file.

Design and Implementation:

1. Custom Header Menu options should be added through plugin only

2. To provide option dialog window through XML file. So, User can add dynamically more custom header options to option dialog window.

3. To modify/add custom header use e_msg_composer_modify_header, which searches for a header with name=@name ,if found it removes that header and adds a new header with the @name and @change_value . If not found then it creates a new header with @name and @change_value.

4.To remove custom header value use e_msg_composer_remove_header, which searches for the header and if found it removes it.

5.For dynamic addition of custom header options, an array of custom header values is provided whose values depend on the number of sections added in XML file.

UI changes and UI addition

1. An option for custom header addition as â€oCustom Headerâ€? in insert menu on the tool bar of mail composer window is added.

2. Every account will have â€oCustom headerâ€? option in tool bar of mail composer window.

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