Camel disksummary branch

There has been recent mention in blogs and elsewhere about this mysterious 'disksummary-branch', this is a development branch in CVS which went out on a limb, trying to fix all of the various performance, memory and design issues in the mail storage interfaces.

Some initial discussions on why this was thought to be a decent idea is covered on the Apps/Evolution/On-disk_summaries page, but this page will cover the actual implementation that ensued.

The implementation isn't really finished, but I will cover what was achieved so far, and where I was thinking it might be headed to. There is still significant work remaining, consider this a handover document.

Because the interfaces are more complex and more abstract, there is a concrete re-usable implementation as well:

Views are a completely new concept, designed to replace the aging vFolder interfaces and code. They are just automatically updated sub-indices on a per-folder basis, rather than 'saved searches'.

There are some new utilities required to implement all of this:

And then there are the new or radically altered backend implementations:

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