Camel - A mail access library

This is a start page for documentation on the Camel library, which extends upon the information provided in the API documentation.



And the libcamel-provider objects, which are used or implemented by custom backends.

In addition, there has been a significant amount of work on the 'notzed-disksummary-branch' in gnome cvs. This is covered in the CamelDS set of pages.


This section lists some notes about the various providers at various levels of details. As usual, consult the source for the most up to date and hard information.

And the transports (for sending mail)


Numerous people and a few organisations have contributed to what now constitutes Camel, but some of the major contributors are listed below in approximately chronological order.

Nat and Miguel

Bertrand Guiheneuf

Michael Zucchi

Dan Winship

Jeffrey Stedfast

Novell Inc.

The Gnome I18N team

The Novell Bangalore team


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