Performance Testing for Calendars

Harish: The following is an unfinished list of scenarios that need to be tested. Feel free to throw in additional scenarios.

Initial loading of a calendar

Measure the time taken for the initial loading of a calendar.


  • Time taken to download the entire calendar (GW - time to create the backend cache)
  • Time taken for the current view to be updated with the events that fall within its range, from the time the calendar was enabled by checking it.
  • Time taken to display the events after a random jump to a different view/date/month/year
  • Time taken to load the calendar component
  • Time taken to switch to the calendar component
  • Time to drag an appointment (there is a delay when you release it)
  • Selecting various ranges of days


Local calendars, GroupWise, Web calendars (On The Web), Exchange

Test Scenarios

The following are the variants for generating the scenarios.

  • Calendar size with respect to the number of calendar items.
  • Different views on selection - varying the number of items that might fall in the range of the initial query
  • Items with huge and a large number of attachments.
  • Calendars with recurrence items - Backends that do not have a recurrence master object, like GW provide a different performance vector

Groupwise calendar

Performance to be measured on

  • first time loading after account creation.
  • initial loading in subsequent sessions.

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