Testing Evince

Test Documents

There is also bug 300948 looking for test cases for Evince which could go here.

PDF files

Some big ones:

Only one page, but with a 5MB image included:

This one does work with 0.1.9, but not with 0.3.0, it's got a nice amount of textgroups etc.

Font is correct when viewing, but becomes fixed-width when printing. Gnome PDF Viewer prints correctly.

Uses a lot of type 3 fonts (one for each gliph, I think). Very heavy to open and view. (see bug 4332)

Displays properly for the first 6 pages, then it takes a while to render the rest. It looks like the lines on the tables are off as well (see the top of page 7). This is with 0.4.0. I just tested this with 0.5.2 (poppler 0.5.1) and all problems seem to have been fixed.

Using Javascript for animation.

A PDF that uses layers to provide some possibility of customization. Without layers, text appears on top of other text and is unreadable.

A lot of PDF forms to test (see ../Forms):

DjVu files

There is a large pool of djvu files at http://www.numdam.org ; I'm gonna test a few of them and report here the ones giving issues, if any (where I is Snark on #gnomemeeting).

Apps to inspect the internals of a PDF file

These apps are very useful debugging tools, as they let you explore the internal PDF objects and content streams of a PDF file. They are open source and published on flathub so it's easy to install them.


Hi, I would suggest an infrastructure where users simply can upload PDFs with category:

  • Evince crashes
  • Garbage
  • Some errors

The problem I see is, that users are supposed to differentiate what is Evince bug and what is a poppler bug. And it is expected that the user if necessary files two bug reports (one again for poppler). I think it should be sufficient if users upload problematic PDFs. I think Bugzilla does not work well for this. And the developers could look in this PDF repository. Then more users would give feedback. -- ThiloPfennig 2005-10-28 16:15:09

The developers are actually the ones who differentiate what is an Evince bug and what is a Poppler bug, the users usually just file bugs against Evince. Once the developers differentiate they inform the users by sending them to the Poppler Bugs page which tells them how to file a new bug against Poppler. It's a problem of using 2 different bugzillas and there isn't much we can do about it. We can't have the developers searching poppler bugzilla for every bug that's filed against Evince otherwise they wouldn't have time to develop and fix bugs. It would be nice if we had some people who were doing the job of coordinating between the two bugzillas, then there wouldn't be an issue. If you wouldn't mind doing the coordination, all that is required is to have an account on both bugzillas and just go for it! -- BryanClark

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