Reporting Bugs with Evince

When reporting bugs about Evince it is most helpful to include the document you were viewing. If you can provide a link to this document please include that link so the Evince developers can test against that document as well.

Report issues for Evince to GNOME GitLab.

See also How to check if a bug belongs to Poppler or Evince.

Ideal Bug Report

  • Summary

    Crashed while opening PDF document


    I clicked on a link from Epiphany which opened Evince for viewing a PDF document. Evince crashed before actually rendering anything at all.

    Here is the link to the document:

    I will attach the backtrace of the crash attach backtrace as text document after creating the bug

  • If Evince crashes include a backtrace, use this GettingTraces guide for help.

  • If Evince doesn't thumbnail or index or render properly please indicate the type of document you were viewing and if at all possible include a link to the document.
  • Try not to attach your document to the bug as we don't really need all your documents sitting in the bugzilla database.

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