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Getting Evince for Development

Getting Evince From git

To get the very latest version of Evince you'll need to pull the master repository with git. Here's how you'll do it.

git clone git://

You need to install and understand git to do that. See Git for details.

Getting Evince From a Package

Download the latest source package from the Evince package directory

Using JHBuild

JHBuild offers dependency handled building which can make testing a lot easier. Follow the instructions from the jhbuild site to get up and running, then run this to get the latest Evince.

jhbuild build evince
jhbuild run evince

Getting Libraries

Getting Poppler

In order to build Evince you'll need a copy of the Poppler backend, see the Poppler site for the latest instructions.

From Git

  •  git clone git://

From Package

Getting the DjVu Library

Follow the Downloads link from the DjVuLibre site.

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