Google Summer of Code 2008

Here is proposed tasks for GSoC 2008, for more detailed information please contact Empathy/Telepathy developers on IRC or telepathy's mailing list.

  • Move chatroom UI to a dedicated program looking like xchat-gnome. This apply to all chatrooms (Jabber, IRC).
  • Make a plugin system for chat themes, demonstrate with a theme supporting LaTeX math equations. See bug #522069

  • Improve call UI, make possible to embed it in chat window, etc. Move to libstream-engine or whatever will replace s-e's DBus API.
  • Meta-contacts. See bug #460647.

  • Import info in empathy from other clients like pidgin (logs, accounts, etc).
  • Write unit tests and make sure empathy don't have leaks using valgrind. Move current tests to GTest.

Some other possible tasks but that needs some work outside the Empathy project:

  • Design a personal smileys interface and implement it in telepathy-butterfly and empathy.
  • Implement contact info in all known CM and empathy
  • Implement file transfer spec in all known Connection Managers.
  • Design a xhtml-im interface and implement it in all CM and empathy.
  • Porting telepathy stack to Windows/OSX.

Tasks that depend on other work to be done first:

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