GNOME migration to git

  1. rebase all your branches on master
  2. mv empathy empathy-old
  3. git clone git://
  4. cd empathy
  5. git remote add old ../empathy-old
  6. git remote update
  7. git checkout -b my-branch old/my-branch
  8. git rebase --onto master old/master

If you can't easily rebase your branch on master, you can still migrate it but you have to know on which commit hash it was based and the new commit hash corresponding. You can find that with the search tool on the web interface. You can then do:

  • git rebase --onto <hash of the new base> <hash of the old base>

When all branches are ported, you can create a new public repository and push your new branches in it. Don't keep the repository where you did all porting because it contain 2 Empathy history. repos


Not ported yet

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