WARNING: Not yet reviewed, could have bugs! "git <command> --help" to be sure.

How to work with git

Create your own repository in a public git server:

  • Create a clone of the official archive: git clone --bare git://git.gnome.org/empathy

  • Edit description file and write a description of your repos
  • If your public server doesn't run git-daemon, you can still access it using http. You just have to set post-update script executable: chmod +x hooks/post-update

  • Copy the repository to your server, usually in ~/public_html/git. You can also upload to your github.com account.

Create your working repository on your laptop:

  • On your laptop: git clone git://git.gnome.org/empathy

  • Add a remote location for your public clone, for example: git remote add mypublicrepos git+ssh://git.collabora.co.uk/git/user/<user>/empathy.git

  • You can add a remote location for branches of other people. To get xclaesse branches of empathy: git remote add xclaesse git://git.collabora.co.uk/git/user/xclaesse/empathy.git

  • To update the code from all your remote locations: git remote update

  • Now you can see all branches using git branch -a

You want to fix a bug from the "broken" branch in "xclaesse"'s repository?

  • git checkout -b myfixbranch xclaesse/broken

  • fix the bug
  • git commit -a

  • git push mypublicrepos myfixbranch

  • go to IRC/bugzilla and tell him to pull your branch
  • The bug is now fixed you can remove your branch: git branch -D myfixbranch

Your branch got merged, remove it from your public repository:

  • If your server has git >= 1.5: git push mypublicrepos :mymergedbranch

  • Otherwise you have to log on your server using ssh and type:
    • export GIT_DIR=.

    • git branch -D mymergedbranch

Other things:

  • If there is new code on official repos, update your clone: git pull

  • If you have a myfix branch that needs to be updated with the new code in master: git checkout myfix && git merge master

  • xclaesse removed a branch from his public repos, to remove that branch from your clone: git remote prune xclaesse

Commit message

If a commit fixes a GNOME bug, finish your commit message with "Fixes bug #1234". For example:

Bugzilla integration

This is an attempt to integrate our git workflow with Empathy's bugzilla.


        default-tracker = bugzilla.gnome.org
        default-product = empathy
        default-component = General

Submit patches

  • Let's say you have a branch "fix-12345" fixing bug #12345
  • git-bz attach 12345 master...fix-12345

Review branches

  • Add your review comments on #12345 and mark the attached patch as "reviewed"
  • The author fixes comments and attach the new version of the patches:
  • git-bz attach -e 12345 master...fix-12345
  • Mark old patches as obsoltes

Merge branches

  • Once reviewer is happy with the branch, he marks the last diff as 'accepted-commit_now'
  • If the author has a git account he merges his patches to 'master':
  • git checkout master
  • git pull
  • git merge fix-12345
  • git-bz push origin master
  • If he doesn't have a git account, one maintainer will merge the patches for him

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