• 100% Feature Complete Mallard Empathy documentation

What Empathy Does

  • IM
  • Jabber
  • VOIP
  • Video Chat
  • IRC
  • Send files
  • Add a contact
  • Changes your status in other GNOME apps

"Connect with friends"

New UI

There have been major updates to the UI, with the addition of an assistant to create accounts when there are none.

The topics that need to be review and modified are (in file name):

  • add-account DONE (./)

  • remove-account DONE (./)

  • disable-account DONE (./)

  • irc-account
    • Need to review the procedure to create an account
  • create-account
    • Need to check the name of all the services, "Salut" for example is now "People nearby", Salut is only the name of the protocol (maybe...)

Possible things:

  • Topic about the assistant
  • Explain that Jabber can be used with Google Talk?
    • Users need to set the server to talk.google.com and all the procedure is a little be awkward in the end


Topics To Be Done or That Can Be Done

(Ordered by priority)

  • I want to contact my friends that use Skype, can I do it?
    • Need to think were to insert this in the docs structure
  • I want to group conversations all in one window
  • I want to separate conversations in multiple windows
  • Move through the conversations tabs:
    • Use Alt+NUMBER
    • Use Ctrl+PgUp, Ctrl+PgDown

  • Emoticons: how to insert them, what's their meaning
  • What are the advanced options
  • How can I change the theme?
    • Needs to run some tests with latest Empathy version
    • Probably better to leave this out until Empathy depend on WebKit

  • I want to change my password
    • Go to X service website
    • What if a user forgets her Jabber password? Is it possible to recover it? If so, how?
    • Same for the other services
  • IRC listiquette
  • Advanced IRC commands
    • Basically, there aren't... or at least you can't use them in Empathy
  • What is IRC
    • This could be interesting to move into a "Glossary" thing (ACTION: talk with Shaun about the glossary and what can we do about it, we need it!)
    • Talked to Shaun: glossary for 3.0 and beyond, this one will be postponed

Topics Done

  • Introduction to Empathy
  • Creating a chat room with Gtalk/Jabber
  • View/Search previous conversations
  • I want to change my status
  • I'm not connecting
  • I want to send a file
  • I want to send a friend a message
  • I want to add my friends to my contact list
  • I want to create an account with a service (Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber)
  • I want to see the contacts that are not online/connected
  • Add a contact
  • Add an account
  • Remove/Disable an account
  • Share the desktop
  • What do the different icons of the status mean?
  • Set a custom status
  • What is gelocation, how to set it up, how to use it
  • I want to use IRC
    • Set up an IRC account (join a network)
    • Accounts for different "network"
    • Join a room
    • Join a password protected room
  • I want to chat live over video with a friend
  • I want to chat over voice on the Internet with a friend
  • Fix common problems
  • Favorites IRC channels/rooms
  • Importing accounts (needs to be temporary removed...)

Won't Do

  • How can I set my geographical position?
    • This goes beyond Emapthy, it's geoclue stuff... maybe if users ask about that, we can think about adding it.

Other Questions

Questions from IRC logs:

  • I installed Empathy, and I don't how to start it

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