Emerillon Plugins

Available plugins

Plugins part of the Emerillon repository:

  • Placemarks

    • Remembers places and zoom levels.

    • Language: C
  • Search

    • Search the map using geonames.org web services.

    • Language: C
  • Copy Link

    • Copy a link to the current viewed position to osm.org and other online maps

    • Language: C
  • Map Position

    • Displays the position at the center of the map in the status bar

    • Language: C

Plugins part of the Emerillon-plugins repository:

  • Montreal Public Bike System

    • Displays the status of the Bixi network in Montréal

    • TODO: Should be made more general and cover all similar services
    • Language: C
  • Vala example plugin

    • An example "hello world" plugin written in Vala

    • Language: Vala

Plugins being worked on

  • Track viewer (Tomaž Vajngerl)

    • Displays gpx traces on the map

    • Language: Vala
    • Repository: repository

    • Status: in progress, minimum functionality
  • Geo information plugin (Tomaž Vajngerl)

    • Displays weather stations (from geonames), wikipedia entries (from geonames) and pictures (from panoramio) on the map

    • Language: Vala
    • Repository: repository

    • Status: ~80%
  • Places plugin (Tomaž Vajngerl)

    • KML format parser with places view like in Google Earth. It can show "My maps" from Google Maps and other online KML resources

    • Language: Vala
    • Repository: repository

    • Status: ~50%
  • Route plugin (Tomaž Vajngerl)

    • Plot route from one point to the other point (using web services)

    • Language: Vala
    • Repository: repository

    • Status: not yet started
  • Image export (Simon Wenner)

    • Export the map as a PNG image or attach it to an email

    • Language: Vala
    • Repository: Bug #616796

    • Status: 100%


  • GeoRSS & KML feeds

  • Route navigation (downloaded from a web service for now)
  • GPS integration
  • Telepathy integration (both to share the app and to display your friends location)
  • Display the position under the mouse cursor
  • Display personal markers
  • Print a map
  • Local time of current location
  • Appointments from Evolution (translate location field to coordinates, display appointment summary and description)
  • Legend: add a sidebar with a legend to the current displayed map (possibly using Mallard doc tools and WebKit)

  • Display all available free Wifi hotspots as made available by Wifidog sites: (for example: https://auth.ilesansfil.org/hotspot_status.php?format=XML ) full list of hotspots: http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/Community

  • Status.net feed visualizer
    • input: data from your status.net feed
    • output: map with color mapped (heat map like age of feed item) feed items
  • Display current position (position of map center) to facilitate and improve accuracy of placemarks addition

Plugin basic info

  • Location: They can be stored in $HOME/.local/share/emerillon/plugins/ or /usr/lib/emerillon/plugins

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