EasyTAG for Windows, using MinGW

EasyTAG should build for MinGW directly from the tarballs or git tree. It is regularly tested on Fedora, which includes all the packages required for cross-compilation.

Talk at GUADEC 2016 in Karlsruhe

How to build EasyTAG using MinGW on Fedora

  1. Install the necessary packages: sudo dnf install mingw32-gtk3 mingw32-flac mingw32-gtk2 mingw32-id3lib mingw32-libid3tag mingw32-libogg mingw32-libvorbis mingw32-nsis mingw32-opus mingw32-opusfile mingw32-speex mingw32-taglib mingw32-wavpack. Additionally, intltool libappstream-glib-devel yelp-tools are needed if starting from a git clone.

  2. Extract the tarball (latest stable release is used as an example): tar -xvf easytag-2.4.2.tar.xz

  3. Configure and build: cd easytag-2.4.2; mingw32-configure --disable-Werror; make. If using a git clone, where the configure script has not yet been generated, do cd easytag; NOCONFIGURE=1 ./autogen.sh; mingw32-configure --disable-Werror; make instead

  4. Optionally, build an installer: make easytag-2.4.2-setup.exe

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