Ease 0.1

Ease 0.1 will be the initial release of Ease.


These features are proposed for Ease 0.1.



Creating / Opening / Saving.

Documents can be created, opened, edited, and saved. However, they are not currently linked to themes after being saved and closed, as they should be.

Exporting to PDF.

PDF exporting is partially functional, but text layout is inaccurate compared to the Clutter representation, and no thumbnails are displayed for videos.

Exporting to HTML5.

The HTML5 exporter is quite good at the moment, fully supporting text, image, and video. However, all testing has been done in WebKit based browsers - tests should be done in Firefox, Opera, and IE6-9. Good IE6 support will be considered a lovely surprise.

Adding text (choosing font and size).

Text editing is functional, but font size and color do not currently work. There is no interface to add text.

Adding images.

Images are supported, but there is no interface to add them. Progress has been made on plugins to search images from external websites (Flickr and OpenClipArt, at the moment).

Resizing and moving for the two above.

Fully working for normal resize and move, as well as mirrored resize with Ctrl. Proportional resize with shift is still buggy.

Basic set of transitions.

Complete. A few transitions are buggy, but are unneeded and can be disabled for the release if necessary.


Currently in a fairly releasable state.


The goal for Ease is 100% Valadoc coverage, this is fairly close to being met, with most of the missing documentation being for fairly "obvious" constants or members. Regardless, these should be documented.


Ease needs a website, beyond a live.gnome.org page. Of course, this is not a feature of Ease, but something should be ready for the initial release.


Bugs for Ease can be reported on the Ease Bugzilla.

Major problems that 'must' be corrected for 0.1:

  • Segmentation fault when saving on Ubuntu 10.04 (does not occur on Fedora 13)

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