Developer Resources


Development Resources

  • Documents on GNOME GitLab

    Development in Documents is tracked using GNOME's issue tracker. Search the bug tracker for any issues or feature requests you may have. Feel free to work on fixing any bug filed against Documents. If you are a newcomer, you can find some easy bugs to get started with in this list.

  • Documents's design space
    Documents follows a design-based approach for new features. This design space is where the current iteration of the designs can be found.

  • GJS Style Guide

    Documents is written in Gjs (GNOME Javascript) and follows the general GJS style guide conventions. A must read if you are unfamiliar with GJS. GJS is an introspected language - for more information about how introspected languages work, check the GObject Introspection Project.

Documents Developers

Most contributors to Documents hang out at #documents on Contributors, users and developers are more than welcome to direct any questions about Documents there. Currently Documents is being developed by:

Documents was previously developed by:

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