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Dictionary is the GNOME application to look up definitions.


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Dictionary comes installed by default with GNOME. However, you can also install it in the following ways:

Install from binary

Install gitg from package repositories of your Gnu/Linux distribution.

  • For Debian based systems using apt-get package management: apt-get install gnome-dictionary

  • For RPM based systems using yum package management: yum install gnome-dictionary


Install from source

  1. Get dependencies:
    1. Gtk+ 3.0
    2. Glib
  2. Install dependencies.
  3. Get Dictionary source from git clone https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-dictionary.git

  4. Build gnome-dictionary
    1. ./autogen.sh

    2. make

    3. make install or ./src/gnome-dictionary


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