Resize Multiple Objects in Dia

One feature one often looks for in Dia is scale / resize / stretch of multiple objects or group of objects:

Something like this is achievable in Dia 0.97, as it has the "Simple Scaling" menu; however, with two important caveats:

  • Groups are NOT scaleable
  • "Simple Scaling" is NOT undoable

Therefore, to scale multiple objects, always open a temporary new document first, and then paste the objects to be scaled there. Here is a small test:

  • Add a Box, and a Text on top of it; select them both, and duplicate them close by; then select only the first pair of Box+Text, and choose Objects/Group
    • Dia01

  • Once the first item is grouped, select all - note that the group has blue handles, regular primitive objects have green; then choose Objects/Simple Scaling:
    • Dia02

  • With all objects selected, enter say 1.2 as factor in the Simple Scaling window, and click on 'scale':
    • Dia03

  • Note how the primitive objects scaled well (apparently relative to the upper left corner of the blue outline for page); but the group is not scaled, and not moved - only the text inside has its font increased:
    • Dia04

Again - at this point, the scaling changes have been made, and it is no longer possible to go to previous state by using Undo; so take care when scaling!

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