Some highlights

  • High quality cross-platform print and pdf output by use of cairo → render-test.pdf.

  • Rotated text, but only with the new "Standard - Outline" object → Examples.

  • Object properties dialog finally does handle multiple objects → more info on our Bugzilla.

  • Improved text edit mode for consistent handling of the Delete key.
  • A new integrated user interface mode with diagrams in tabs → screen.

  • Almost 200 bugs and feature requests resolved →

Special thanks

  • Lars Clausen - maintaining Dia for more than five years, text edit, units and much more

  • Steffen Macke - keeping Dia buildable on win32 and Linux, maintaining the win32 installer, consistent icon size and more

  • Sameer D. Sahasrabuddhe - resolving the oldest feature request (multiple object change) and fixing a bunch of long-standing bugs

  • Marcel Toele - contributing the ability for custom shapes with subshapes

  • Petr Novotnik - contributing dedicated database shapes

  • Thomas Harding - doing a documentation overhaul

  • Mark Dexter - huge documentation update

  • Patrick Hallinan - contributing the integrated UI patches

  • Elie Roux - contributing Lights shapes and a lot less compiler warnings

  • And everyone else translating, providing patches or reporting bugs

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