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Current development

See the GIT NEWS page for the features that have already been added in GIT for inclusion in the next release. See the Development page for info on how to download the latest development version, and how to track the current development state.

2010-01-25: 0.97.1 sources

This is a bug-fix release whose source packages are available here. Look for the filenames starting with dia-0.97.1.

The improvements in this version are summarized in this mailing-list message.

2009-05-03: 0.97 sources

After some more bug fixes 0.97 is now released! You can download source code from our repository. See 0.97 news page for more info.

2009-04-11: 0.97-pre3

Prerelease 3 of version 0.97 is ready for download.

2007-03-25: 0.96 final release is out!

See the release announcement for details or read the list of bugs fixed ;)

2006-12-13: 0.96-pre1 - text rendering improvements

2006-05-25: 0.95.1 - bug fix only

Some format string vulnerabilities and two nasty crashes were fixed, see complete list.

2006-04-21: New release 0.95 ready!

Dia is now available in a new version 0.95.This release focuses on stability and ease of use, featuring a few major new features along with a host of minor improvements and bugfixes that make it easier than ever to create structured diagrams, models and illustrations for documentation, articles, modeling, presentations and many other uses.

Version 0.95 adds the following major features:

  • New "mainpoint" system allows lines to be added by dragging from anywhere on one object to anywhere on another, and to always point towards the middle of an object even when that object is moved.
  • Python plug-ins added to create DOT output, generate Python bindings by 'self reflection', and allow round-trip engineering plug-ins.
  • The grid can now automatically change size depending on your zoom level.
  • Text input now highlights the object that receives the input, and tabbing between text input areas on one or more objects is possible.
  • Several security problems fixed in XFig import and Python plug-in.
  • Many new shapes added, including automata, Gane & Sarson and AADL.

  • Several new UML objects added as well as some extensions to existing objects.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Improved SVG import,
  • Plug-in loading and unloading doesn't require restart of Dia.
  • Many i18n problems have been fixed, particularly in export filters.
  • Many bugs have been fixed, too many to mention here.
  • Command line usage has improved to allow the selecting of individual layers and specific output filters.
  • Uses the new GTK+ File Dialog.
  • Experimental libgnomeprint and Cairo plug-ins.

2006-02-12: New release real soon now

After one and a half year of waiting Dia 0.95-pre1 is available. Please report any open issues in bugzilla so we can maybe sort them out before the final release.

2004-08-24: version 0.94

This is partly a bugfix release for some compatibility problems with shapes, and partly includes some development done during the 0.93 release process.The most important improvements in this release are:

  • Highlighting of objects when connecting to them makes it easier to connect.
  • New shape sets include:
    • RDP (Petri Networks shapes)
    • KAOS (Goal-Directed Requirements Acquisition)
    • I* (Intentional STrategic Actor Relationships modelling)
    • Jackson (Jackson Diagrams)
    • ChemEng (chemical engineering)

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