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Latest stable release

Version 0.97.2 is now available. The source code packages can be found by browsing the subfolders at https://download.gnome.org/sources/dia.

Installation packages for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows are available from http://dia-installer.de/.

There is an FAQ on converting the tar-format source packages to RPM-format binary packages.

Third-party binaries

Solaris 9/10 Sparc and i386 binaries

Irix 6.5 binaries of Dia 0.88.1

Most Linux distributions contain Dia binaries.

Latest development version

When you're using the latest stable release, you may run across a bug, or have an idea for a feature, that's already been taken care of in the latest development version of Dia.  For info on how to run this development version, see this page on dia-installer.de.  Instructions are given for several OS'es.  The page includes a link to a virtual machine (VM) which, once you start the VM on a computer with Internet access, has an icon for downloading the development version of Dia.

If you would like to contribute to the latest development code, please visit the Development page.

Additional shapes

Additional shapes for Dia

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