Devhelp development notes

Refactorings - misc notes

  • Variable/function name "keywords" actually contains all DhLinks of a book, not only keywords. So it's not a great name, a better name is for example all_links, like already done in dh-parser.c.

  • DhWindow: move code outside of new(), move it in init() for example.

  • DhWindow: factor out some classes, to avoid g_object_set_data().

  • DhWindow: copy_cb() doesn't seem at the right place.

  • Improve language management with DhLanguage, see this commit.

  • When storing DhLinks in GtkTreeModel, do not store them as simple pointers, take advantage of ref counting, to make the code safer in case a DhLink is freed but still stored in a GtkTreeModel.

  • Parser: is the Devhelp index file format documented?
  • Parser: write basic unit test.
  • Refactor the code to be more object-oriented instead of being procedural: currently there are some dumb data classes with only getters and setters, and at other places there are really big functions with for example 8 indentation levels. With an object-oriented style, a function delegates most of its work to other classes, resulting to smaller functions and to keep related data and behavior in one place. Classes containing big functions: DhKeywordModel (work has already started to have smaller functions). Are there other classes?

  • See also FIXME/TODO/XXX comments in the code.

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