Déjà Dup Project Policies

Release Schedule

Déjà Dup will follow GNOME's release schedule.


Déjà Dup uses a simple version scheme of just a major and minor number. The numbers correspond to each regular GNOME release (e.g. 17.5 was GNOME 2.31.5 and 18.0 was GNOME 2.32.0).


A best effort will be made to keep dependencies satisfiable on the most recent stable Fedora/Ubuntu cycle. Ideally longer.


There is a daily PPA built from trunk for testing.

Trunk Stability

Code Reviews

All non-trivial branches need a code review.

Examples of trivial branches:

Examples of non-trivial branches:

Review Flow

  1. A branch will be flagged as ready-for-review in Launchpad for merging into trunk by developer A.
  2. A separate member of ~deja-dup-hackers -- developer B -- will review the branch.

  3. Once approved, developer A will merge into trunk if able. Else developer B will.

Feature Approval

All branches that introduce features or important UI changes additionally need approval from a member of ~deja-dup-team. This sign-off may implicitly come from either developer A or B above or explicitly from a third party C during the code review.

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