Déjà Dup Project Policies

Release Schedule

Déjà Dup aspires to follow GNOME's release schedule, but in reality, releases happen on no set schedule.


Déjà Dup uses a simple version scheme of just a major and minor number. Unstable releases will use odd major numbers and lead up to a stable even dot zero release (e.g. 17.5 was a development release leading up to the 18.0 stable release).


A best effort will be made to keep dependencies satisfiable on the most recent stable Fedora/Ubuntu cycle. Ideally longer.

Cloud Backends

This is a bit complicated, but basically we aim to only support consumer-friendly cloud services. The full policy has more details, including which cloud services are deprecated.

Trunk Stability

  • Trunk should always remain buildable.
  • Trunk should always pass the test suite.
  • Any tagged release in trunk should correspond to a released tarball and be especially stable and coherent.

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